Contacts & Resources

To see instructional videos

We’ve created some videos that help explain how to use the all materials we’ve created about your rights (FYBOR Handbook, website, etc). Find them on our youtube channel HERE, and on Vimeo HERE.

To report suspected child abuse or neglect

Child Abuse Hotline

Additional Resources for Youth

For a full list of LA County resources:
211 Resources

For information on the Independent Living Program (ILP), including finding out if you are eligible for services:
ILP Online

For information to help support young adults transitioning from foster care to independence:

For information on sexual and reproductive health
for youth in foster care:

For youth who are homeless and need help:
Child Protection Hotline

For information on employment opportunities:
Countywide Youth Bridges Program

Additional Resources for Caregivers

After Hours Resource Family Warmline
(877) 323-7165

Kinship Resource Center
(888) 694-7263

Foster Care Hotline
(800) 697-4444

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